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When I help you to find a new home, I start with a simple question, “Where do you want to wake up?”  A home is about so much more than the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  This is where you will make memories, have friends and family over and live your life!  My goal is to focus in on what really matters most to you in a home.  Every buyer has a unique set of criteria that is important to them and their lifestyle.  There are so many factors to consider, such as, quality and ease of life, travel time to and from work, where will my children go to school, where will they play, are there sidewalks, is there a place for grocery shopping nearby, are the specific amenities that we want and need nearby; the list could go on and on… 


I will help you to navigate smoothly through the process of looking and identifying the perfect place for you, offers and counteroffers, purchase and ownership.  We will start by looking at a variety of properties while getting lending and mortgage options in place.  When we find the right property for you, I’ll submit offers and counteroffers to the selling agent until I am able to negotiate an acceptable agreement for you.  I’ll help you through all of the escrow and due diligence period steps- inspections, appraisals, title search, surveys and loan approvals- until closing day arrives and you move in!


When we work together, I’m involved in every step of the transaction.  Beginning with, “Hi, I’m Lisa!” to “Here are your keys - welcome home!”  Finding a home together is a journey and my career is really about people and relationships not buildings.  I’ll be there to answer every question, listen to your specifications and I will keep looking for the home that you truly connect with and you see yourself living no where else but there.



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